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Are you embarrassed by the appearance of your smile? Do you avoid smiling because of cosmetic concerns such as crooked teeth?

Cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve the smile you desire and improve your oral health. Smile Dental Group in the Antelope Valley is home to a team of highly trained and experienced dental professionals who can meet your aesthetic goals with advanced treatment options and personalized results. We use advanced digital technology to evaluate the condition and function of your smile, plan your treatment and offer a chance to see how your results can change your appearance.

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Digital Smile Design in Palmdale

We offer patients the opportunity to “try on” their new smile using the Digital Smile Design software as part of your treatment planning. Digital Smile Design takes into consideration the structure of your facial aesthetics, the shape, and color of your teeth and the contour of the gums. All of these aspects of your smile should work together and complement each other. Our goal is to help you address your concerns while also identifying and treating any underlying dental problems that could affect the integrity of your result.

digital smile design palmdale caA smile makeover can be as simple as a teeth whitening treatment or can transform your look using advanced treatments. Cosmetic dental treatments can include:

The skill and experience of your dentist will have a direct impact on your result. At Smile Dental Group we take a comprehensive approach to your care so that your result is not only natural looking but comfortable and lasting. If there are underlying problems associated with the fit or function of the bite, it is important to address them as part of your overall treatment plan to avoid a breakdown of your dentistry over time. Cosmetic dental treatments should build upon a healthy, stable oral foundation for the best result.

Our dentists are committed to ongoing training and education in all aspects of dentistry. We strive to offer the highest standard of care using a thorough evaluation, proven techniques, and quality materials.

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