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Dental Fillings An Overview

Dental fillings are typically placed to restore health to a damaged, decayed, or infected tooth. Patients of all ages can experience tooth decay, so it is essential they develop the proper habits to help reduce their risks. Children and teens are especially susceptible to decay because they may not have developed the practices needed to maintain a healthy smile.

Smile Dental Group is comprised of a team of family dentists who are dedicated to providing exceptional dental care to patients of all ages. Our team works with our patients on an individual basis to meet their unique dental needs. To learn more about our general dentistry services and how they can benefit your family, call (661) 463-6530 or request an appointment online.

Dental Sealants For Children

Sealants are used as a preventive treatment for teeth that are at high risk of cavities. They are an ideal solution for hard to reach teeth that are more susceptible to tooth decay. They help seal out food and bacteria that may result in cavities. Sealants are typically placed on permanent molars but can be placed on baby teeth that at extremely susceptible to cavities.

Benefits of Sealants:

  • Protect the most active teeth (molars) from cavities and decay
  • Ideal for younger patients who may be at a higher risk of developing cavities
  • Sealant material blends seamlessly with the existing teeth
  • The procedure is similar to a dental filling and can be completed in one visit
  • Can be placed after a dental filling to provide maximum protection from tooth decay

It is important that you bring your child in for routine dental care visits to ensure that their smile is developing properly. During your appointment, our team will determine if your child’s teeth will need sealants. Sealants used in conjunction with a healthy oral hygiene routine and regular visits to the dentist can improve your child’s dental health.

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Cavity Prevention

Learning how to prevent cavities is beneficial at any age. As highly trained family dentists, our team works with every member of your family to develop a preventive care plan to help keep your smile in optimal condition.

Cavities can develop as soon as the first tooth emerges. Developing healthy habits from a young age can give your child the tools they need to remain in excellent oral health. Any patient can benefit from these key tips to help reduce the risk of cavities and decay.

  • Drink water between meals
  • Develop and maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine and perform it daily
  • Reduce the amount of added sugars in your diet
  • Visit your dentist regularly for professional dental cleanings and dental exams


Dental Fillings What to Expect

Before placing a dental filling, we take the appropriate measure to ensure our patients are comfortable and relaxed. Once the preferred sedation option is administered, the affected tooth is numbed using a local anesthetic, and the decay is carefully removed from the tooth. After the decay is removed, the tooth is cleaned and filled with the biocompatible filling material. The material is carefully molded and shaped until the desired aesthetic is reached. The bite is checked to guarantee optimal biting function, and the filling material is then sealed into place.

The Benefit of Choosing White Dental Fillings

Composite, or tooth-colored, filings closely resemble the color and physical appearance of the natural teeth. For most dentists, tooth-colored fillings are the preferred choice for addressing tooth decay. They are durable, natural-looking material that can withstand the pressure of the biting surfaces without compromising the appearance of your smile. For areas of the tooth that have sustained extensive damage, we may recommend inlays or onlays to restore health to the affected tooth.