Laser Dentistry Palmdale & Lancaster, CA

Laser Dentistry An Overview

Laser dentistry has revolutionized the field of dentistry. In many cases, dental lasers can be used to treat both hard and soft tissue areas with a higher rate of precision, lesser risk of error, and fewer side effects. The use of dental lasers often gives patients a wider range of minimally invasive dentistry treatments. It may even offer a less invasive, more effective solution to many common dental health issues.

Dental lasers use concentrated energy to penetrate through both soft and hard tissue, which helps reduce the risk of infection, swelling, and bleeding. Unlike other treatments, lasers help promote the body’s natural healing response, making it the ideal solution for a range of general, cosmetic, and restorative dental issues.

What Can Dental Lasers Treat?

We can use dental lasers to treat gum disease, tooth decay, tongue ties, gummy smile, and other oral health conditions. In some cases, lasers can be used to aid in the teeth whitening process.

Benefits of Dental Lasers

  • May reduce the amount of downtime needed after a procedure
  • Promotes the body’s natural healing response and tissue regeneration
  • Minimize the risk of infection
  • Increased precision and accuracy
  • Minimizes bleeding after treatment
  • Reduces swelling in the gums and surrounding structure
  • Less discomfort and pain associated with traditional treatment methods
  • Effectively treat periodontal disease

Laser Dentistry What to Expect

If a dental laser is being used as part of your treatment, your dentist will be sure to explain all aspects of your care. Our team takes the time to ensure our patients are well informed during all phases of your treatment. We answer any questions you may have and work with you to help you feel comfortable during your visit.

In most cases when a dental laser is used, patients may be able to bypass the need for anesthetics. Dental lasers are gentle and often allow anxious or fearful patients to receive the treatment they need.

Lasers are routinely used to treat advanced stage of gum disease. The process removes disease or infected gum tissue and help generates a healthy environment for the development of healthy gum tissue to emerge.