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Root Canal An Overview

A root canal is often recommended to avoid a tooth extraction. If a tooth is badly damaged, infected, or causing immense pain, a root canal may be necessary to preserve the integrity of the tooth. Some patients may experience tooth sensitivity, sharp shooting pain, or other complications, which may indicate the need for a root canal. Other patients may not experience any symptoms at all. Regular visits to the dentists allow our team to examine your teeth and check for signs of complex dental issues.

Our team at Smile Dental Group perform routine root canals in our dental office. We are a full-service dental facility, offering restorative dentistry treatment to patients of all ages. Our goal is to improve your oral health through personalized treatment planning.

Root Canals For Children

It is especially for your children to avoid premature tooth loss. The loss of baby teeth can have detrimental effects on speech development, chewing function, and alignment of growing permanent teeth.  If a tooth is damaged or badly decayed, a root canal may be recommended to save the tooth and avoid the need for extraction or other advanced treatment.

Smile Dental Group offers pediatric root canals in the comfort of our Antelope Valley dental office. We recommend root canals only when deemed necessary to improve a patient’s dental health. Root canals are typically completed in one office visit. We offer a full range of dental sedation options that are tailored to meet the needs of your child. The comfort, safety, and dental experience of your child are important to our team, so we take the proper measure to ensure all of their needs are met.

Pulpotomy and Pulpectomy

The type of root canal performed will depend on the extent of damage or infection within your child’s tooth. After digital x-rays are taken, our team will recommend the best form of treatment. These types of root canal therapy treatments are typically performed in children with primary teeth. Saving the primary tooth helps establish normal eating, chewing, and speaking function, as well as encourage normal growth for the permanent teeth.

  • Pulpotomy: This only requires a portion of the tooth pulp is removed. The pulpotomy removes the infected pulp tissue within the crown of the tooth. Once removed, a medication s placed to help health the nerve of the tooth and reduce the risk of infection. A dental filling or crown may be placed after this procedure.
  • Pulpectomy: When most of or the entire pulp are compromised, a pulpectomy is used to remove all the material in the pulp chamber and root canal of the tooth. Once the content of the tooth is removed, the tooth is filled with a resorbable material.

Root Canal What to Expect

In most cases, the entire root canal treatment can be completed in 1-2 visits to our office. Most patients receive their procedure with the help of a local anesthetic to help them feel comfortable. For children or patients with dental anxiety, we offer dental sedation options to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation during your treatment.

To prepare for a root canal, we will thoroughly clean the affected tooth. The necessary material is removed from the tooth, and the tooth is filled with a biocompatible material. In most cases, a dental filling or crown is placed to stabilize the tooth after a root canal.

The process of receiving a root canal will depend on the needs of the patient. Our team will work with you and your child every step of the way to restore health, function, and beauty to your smiles.

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Smile Dental Group is a full-service dental facility to dedicated to providing exceptional dental care to patients of all ages. Whether you or your child are in need of a root canal, our team is equipped to handle both of your dentistry needs. We work with our patients on an individual basis to improve their dental health. If you would like to schedule an appointment, call (661) 463-6530 or request an appointment online.