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Dental Cleanings An Overview

Regular dental cleanings are an integral part of maintaining optimal oral health. Dental cleanings are usually completed in conjunction with your biannual preventive care visit. For some patients, we may recommend more frequent dental cleanings if you are in poor dental health, susceptible to tooth decay, or have comprised gum health. Routine dental cleanings are important for both children and adults who want to achieve a healthier smile.

During a dental cleaning, one of our experienced dental hygienists will use special tools to carefully remove tartar and plaque buildup from the teeth and gum line. Daily brushing and flossing help keep the teeth cleaning, but dental cleanings help remove debris that at home tools cannot reach. Regular dental cleanings can help reduce the risk of:

  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Infection
  • Premature tooth loss

Our team at Smile Dental Group offer a full range of preventive dental care and general dental care services for patients of all ages. We offer age-appropriate dental care to meet the many needs of each of our patients.

The Importance of Routine Dental Cleanings

Most dentists recommend that children and adults visit the dentist twice a year for routine dental cleanings. Cleanings are typically performed in conjunction with your preventive care examination. During this time, our team is able to exam the teeth, gums, and jaw to check for any signs of dysfunction. With the results from the exam, we can create a treatment plan based on your needs.

Avoiding the dentist can increase the risk of developing complex dental problems, which may require extensive dental treatment. Regular visits help lower the risk of developing certain types of dental concerns. Routine dental visits and cleanings are especially important for children because it allows us the opportunity to help them develop healthy dental habits as they grow. Our team of dentists is able to track the development of your child’s smile, from the baby teeth stage to the emergence of the permanent teeth.

Dental Cleanings What to Expect

The goal of a dental cleaning is to carefully remove plaque and calculus from the teeth and gum line. When plaque and calculus are not removed, it can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and other dental health concerns.

Our experienced team of hygienists typically perform routine cleanings for patients of all ages. Using special tools, your hygienist will carefully clean the teeth. Once the teeth are cleaned, a fluoride treatment is applied to help protect the teeth after cleaning.

For patients with dental fear or anxiety, we understand that simple treatments like dental cleanings can cause panic. We work with you to ensure you are fully informed on all aspects of your visit. If necessary, we may recommend dental sedation to help you feel at ease during your cleaning.

We tailor our services to meet the need of each of our patients. We work with pediatric and adult patients to help them improve the health of their smiles.

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