Smile Dental Office Technology

Dental technology has enhanced all aspects of the patient experience, from treatment planning to results. At Smile Dental Group, we have embraced technology and offer a state of the art experience in our three office locations throughout the Antelope Valley area. We use advanced technology to evaluate your needs, meet your expectations and minimize your discomfort.

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Smile Dental Office Technology

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Smile Dental Office Technology

CEREC Same Day Crowns & Restorations

CAD/CAM technology has impacted dentistry in a variety of ways, from the lab to the office. Smile Dental Group uses CEREC to design, create and place high-quality dental restorations in our office- while you wait. Same day crowns can save you time and money, allowing you to leave our office with a beautiful new restoration that will serve your needs for many years.

Digital X-Rays

Digital diagnostic x-rays reduce radiation exposure for the patient up to 90% when compared to traditional x-rays. They can be taken both inside and outside of the mouth and provide detailed images for immediate use in evaluating your dental health. We take digital x-rays routinely to look for any early signs of decay or damage that can be treated conservatively to maintain the health of your smile. Digital x-rays are applicable for patients of all ages and can help us provide more accurate dental care.

I-Tero Digital Impressions

A convenient hand-held wand, i-Tero allows us to take 3-D digital impressions without the use of gooey, messy impression trays. Also a part of Invisalign treatment planning, i-Tero creates the detailed imagery needed to thoroughly evaluate all aspects of your smile for improved diagnostics and more predictable results.

Orthophos 3-D Scanning

Smile Dental Group offers state of the art dental care, supported by in-office digital technology that provides high-resolution 3-D images. The Sirona Orthophos 3-D scanner uses the lowest dose of radiation to produce the highest quality of imagery for use on advanced treatment planning for a range of concerns.

Cone Beam CT Scanning

Cone beam scanning is a medical grade imagery that will provide 3-D detail of your entire oral system, including bone, soft and nerve tissue. This type of scanning is important for the strategic placement of dental implants to avoid nerve damage and ensure the most stable result.