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Lumineers An Overview

Achieving a beautiful, natural-looking smile can be done using a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments. One of the most popular procedures amongst patients is the Lumineers treatment.

Lumineers are a long-lasting solution to a variety of cosmetic dentistry concerns. Similar to porcelain veneers, Lumineers are intended to fit over the affected teeth, creating your ideal smile in no time. They are considerably thinner than traditional veneers and require little to no preparation of the natural teeth. This type of veneer leaves much of the natural tooth structure unchanged, which makes this the ideal option for patients who may want a more permanent solution in the future.

Lumineers can be used to address some the same issues traditional veneers can solve, including:

  • Worn down teeth
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Mildly misaligned or crooked teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Discolored or stained teeth

Porcelain Veneer vs. Lumineers

There are a few key difference between porcelain veneers and Lumineers. One of the most noticeable difference is that Lumineers are not as thick as traditional veneers which allows them to be placed without filing down the natural tooth enamel. Due to their thin nature, Lumineers may not be the ideal solution for patients with badly discolored teeth. Instead, patients may want to opt for porcelain veneers because they are better suited to masks discoloration of the tooth enamel.

Some patients may choose Lumineers because they can be placed without the need for anesthetic, shots, or drilling. Lumineers are sometimes referred to as “no-prep veneers,” or “minimal prep veneer.”

What Are The Benefits of Lumineers?

  • Minimal tooth sensitivity since the enamel is not manipulated during the preparation phase
  • Preserve more of the natural tooth enamel
  • Bonded directly onto the tooth enamel which creates a secure bond
  • Generates a natural looking, beautiful result

Lumineers What to Expect

The entire Lumineers process can be completed in 2-3 visits to our Antelope Valley dentist office. After a full dental evaluation and discussion of cosmetic goals, our team can determine if Lumineers or another cosmetic treatment is right for you.

To ensure a natural looking result, we use digital dental technology for the planning of cosmetic treatments. We may take 3-D images of the teeth and surrounding structure to get a comprehensive view of your oral cavity. If applicable, we can incorporate the use of Digital Smile Design technology (DSD) which allows patients to become an active participant in their smile design journey. Patients are afforded the opportunity to “try on” their new smile before any changes are made. Once approved, your treatment will begin.

Lumineers can be placed with minimal preparation or no preparation. During minimal preparation, an anesthetic is applied, the teeth are slightly etched, and a temporary veneer is placed while your Lumineers are fabricated. Once fabricated the Lumineers placed and secured to the affected teeth.

For no prep, the Lumineers can generally be placed with the need for shots, anesthetic, or traditional “preparation.” Our team at Smile Dental Group will work with you to determine which method is right for your smile.

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