Is Dental Implant Surgery Safe?

Dental Implant Surgery

The placement of dental implants is a surgery, and as with any surgical procedure there are risks attached. Dentists have been performing dental implant placements years now but the technology has advanced considerably.

Modern implants are now sophisticated tooth replacement prosthetics designed and placed by highly trained professionals such as the dentists of Smile Dental Group in East Palmdale, CA. This combination makes dental implants one of the safest and most successful means of replacing teeth.

Benefits Of Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial teeth that replace missing, damaged, or infected teeth from the roots up, allowing patients to eat, speak and smile with confidence and in comfort. Implants are built strong and may last a lifetime, often with only minimal adjustments from your dentist. Using a titanium screw to mount in the jaw bone, implants remain secure while preventing bone loss and drifting teeth.

Risks Of Dental Implants Surgery

Just like with any other surgery, complications are possible. However, problems arising from a dental implant are rare, minor and usually easily repaired.  Risks include:

  • Infection of the site
  • Damage to teeth, blood vessels, or nerves in the surgical area
  • Implant rejection
  • Sinus problems
  • Potential allergy to materials used (usually made of titanium or zirconia)

Working with an experienced and professional dentist like your Smile Dental Group dentist means that your implant surgery has a much smaller risk of complications.

Some people with missing teeth may also be suffering from bone loss in the jaw along with whatever damage cost them their natural teeth. For these patients, bone graft surgeries may be needed to reinforce the jaw enough to support an implant. This surgical procedure involves harvesting bone from other areas of the body and implanting it on the jaw where it will eventually fuse to the existing bone. Because these are additional surgeries themselves, they also come with risks and complications of their own such as infection, discomfort and a longer recuperation time.

The Success Rate Of Dental Implants

Dental implants generally have a success rate of about 95%, meaning that 95% of the people that have them had no complications and were satisfied with them. This rate can vary depending on the patient, the dentist, the number of implants placed, the methods used, and other factors. Our implant services give a good aesthetic appearance to your teeth and let you smile confidently.

However, when you work with a dentist experienced in the installation of implants like the professionals at Smile Dental Group, they are inherently safe. Titanium implants- the current industry standard- can last up to 20 years or longer while other materials like zirconia cost more but may last longer. Tooth Implants is the best option for missing or damaged tooth.

Dental Implants in East Palmdale, CA

If you have lost teeth or damaged teeth that cannot be saved, implants may the dental restoration option for you. For patients in the East Palmdale, CA area, please call (661) 947-9990 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with your Smile Dental Group dentist to see if dental implants can help restore your smile!