When to Start Your Child’s Dental Care

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Baby teeth are not only an exciting new stage in your child’s dental development, but they also allow children to graduate to a variety of new foods they can suddenly try. Around this time, you should begin to consider about scheduling their first visit to a dentist. While many parents of infants may not be worried yet about dental care, thinking “she’s only got four teeth,” the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry advises that children see the dentist prior to their first birthday.

These first dental visits are mostly informative in nature but they can also be crucial in helping parents to establish their child’s routine for healthy dental hygiene habits that can last a lifetime. Smile Dental Group in West Lancaster, CA would like to give you a few pointers on starting your child off strong with their dental care.

Finding a Family or Pediatric Dentist

To find a good family or pediatric dentist in your area, check with your physician, pediatrician or insurance company about respected providers in your area. Additionally, you may want to ask around amongst your friends and family for a referral to a trusted provider. If you have multiple options, you can narrow down your search based on your preferred location and which have office hours that fit best into your schedule. You may want to visit several dental practices to find the one where you and your child feel most comfortable. Most dental practices have websites that should be able to help answer your questions.

Prepare in Advance

Your child will have a better experience if he or she is well rested and not hungry when it’s time for the appointment. It might also be helpful to write down any questions you want to ask the dentist ahead of time so you don’t forget. You will want to check that your child is covered by your dental insurance provider and find out about any copays before the day of your child’s first dentist visit. Most dental providers will ask for proof of dental and medical insurance at the time of service. Make sure to bring a list of your child’s current medications, and all information you may need to complete a health history form.

If your child is older, you may want to review with your child what will happen during the first visit prior to arrival to help avoid excessive nervousness at the time of the exam. Some children will still be nervous about the exam. To combat this, reading books about dentists or by watching videos about children’s trips to the dentist can help them visualize what the visit will be like and alleviate some of the fear.

What to Expect during Your Child’s First Dentist Visit

During the first visit, the dentist will normally educate parents on proper care of teeth and gums for babies. Pacifier use and how proper nutrition helps to develop healthy teeth may also be discussed. Dentists may demonstrate brushing techniques for parents so that they are able to help their young children with oral care. Parents should be given the opportunity to ask questions of the dentist at the end of the appointment.

By establishing a good working relationship with a family or pediatric dentist, parents can ensure that their child receives proper dental care from an early age.Taking your child to dental appointments from an early age helps children to be comfortable with dental care and will help them see oral health as a priority.

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